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20 years of service across Western Canada

Development Projects and Facilities

We help our clients’ research, analyze and finance development projects and facilities.  Combining feasibility, costing, economics and finance, we advise developers, economic development agencies, rural and urban municipalities and private-public partnerships on the financing, start-up planning and operating cycles of capital projects and facilities.

Our marquee projects include the Alberta Film Studio (Calgary, AB), a municipal marina feasibility study, lake-side developments, commercial complexes, and recreational facilities.  We have also advised high-rise developers in the Calgary beltline, multi-family developers, mixed-use developers to commercial (owner-occupied) projects, community developers, resort developers, and in-land and lake-shore marina parks.

With an in-depth understanding of the capital project and facilities, we’re able to provide a comprehensive suite of services focused on successful development and operations – today, and well into the future.

Economic Development Agencies

Governments and organizations seek innovative solutions to the complex challenges, particularly in areas of economic development.  As business, economic, finance and investment experts, Canadian Ventures Inc. brings advanced and unique perspectives to business retention, downtown revitalization, and investment attraction opportunities.

Our government and public sector clientele include the film & television industries, the Alberta Film Commissioner, a First Nations performing arts group, economic development authorities, and rural municipalities.  These clients required industry lobbying, event planning, and project feasibility to community-specific surveys, workshops and economic development planning.

Canadian Ventures Inc. has a deep commitment to assisting our government and public sector clients to identify ways to achieve their economic development goals.  Working alongside talented agency and organization representatives, we assist in fostering diversification and community prosperity.

Oilfield Service/ Tech Companies

Our oilfield services clientele are facing market conditions that demand prudent and timely business decisions as Canadian Ventures Inc. understands the diversity of this vital sector in our Canadian economy.  Working closely with owners and managers, we respond to unique business challenges to sustain growth.

With in-house geoscience expertise, Canadian Ventures Inc. has advised service companies in bush-clearing, contract drilling, emergency response, equipment rental, heavy haulage, downhole monitoring, and leading oilfield technology enterprises.

We craft a strategy with our Clients to respond to changes in financial status, emerging market trends, joint ventures, strategic mergers and other initiatives to increase profits and secure your market position.

Strategic Business Transactions

The long-term, sustainable growth is imperative to the continued success of your business. Well researched business cases take into account critical growth opportunities.  Canadian Ventures Inc. helps private enterprise and publicly-listed companies develop plans for sustainable growth and future success.

The unique and complex nature of TSX-V and CSE companies is affected by added requirements as compared to private enterprise. We know the importance of strategic corporate initiatives to drive investor confidence, build enterprise value, and grow market capitalization in today’s capital markets.

Canadian Ventures Inc. accelerates equity and other offerings, and executes on M&A and other transaction campaigns.  We help you with due diligence covering revenue, commercial, and market factors to assess synergies, earnings, cash flows, and operations for successful deal structuring.

We bring a vast network of attractive business assets, private companies “going public”, and aligned TSX-V and CSE entities seeking acquisitions.  When combined with our community of registered dealers, licensed brokers, and other agents across Canada, Canadian Ventures Inc. has the deal flow and connections for your success in the Canadian junior public markets.

Private Equity and Family Enterprises

Private equity firms, portfolio companies and investment funds face complex challenges in their deal lifecycles.  Under pressure to deploy capital amidst increased competition, fluctuating valuations, and stakeholder expectations – Canadian Ventures Inc. offers cost-effective and practical solutions.

Our private equity clientele include brokerage firms, family (serial entrepreneur) enterprises, and venture-based funds and angel investors with engagements from deal origination, due diligence, valuation analyses, deal structuring, to buy-side M&A and strategic dispositions.

Successful deals depend on agility, strategic growth and value creation throughout the transaction lifecycle.  Canadian Ventures Inc. tap into our vast network to help source deals, and combine sector insights with proven, innovative strategies to maximize investee company competitiveness and growth.

Technology and Innovators

Technology companies are driven by innovation opportunities, market penetrations and consumer demands in a rapidly changing ecosystem.  Canadian Ventures Inc. helps our technology-based clientele succeed with the right course of action, whether new revenue streams, lowering costs, or developing new business models, we stand ready to help.

Our clientele in the technology ecosystem spans from innovative oil & gas services, advanced downhole monitoring/ inspection, oilsands remediation, and pipeline monitoring/ leak detection.  Other clients in the tech ecosystem include disruptive sectors such as blockchain and the Internet of things (IoT).

Innovators recognize that the pace of change is accelerating faster than ever before and that they must adapt or perish. Executives of technology companies at the forefront of change need be especially aware of the forces driving changes in your marketplace.

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