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A former journalist and son of a cinematographer, Vlad Forgac brings the experience of an entire lifetime around research and journalism, film and video, and the graphic arts. Since 1999, he has been active with Canadian Ventures Inc. directly in many areas of research and analysis, feasibility studies as well as business planning. His internal and client project roles extend into media and website design, advertising and promotions, as well as in professional desk-top publishing of reports and other project materials.

After obtaining his Journalism Diploma at Mount Royal College in Calgary, Vlad spent the better part of the ’90s as a writer, editor and photographer. Vlad has freelanced for numerous magazines, websites and clients throughout Alberta and B.C. providing a variety of marketing materials – everything from logo design, business cards, brochures and even web design and online video.

Vlad received extensive video editing training while working with Emmy Award-winning producers and directors on a number of projects including a six-hour documentary on Mt. Everest for Discovery Channel and a one-hour documentary on Alaska for the Travel Channel.

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