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Canadian Ventures Inc. delivers leading investment banking services to assess and value businesses, execute M & A strategies, lead in the buying/ selling of profitable businesses, and execute post-transaction strategies.

Pricing and Valuation Services

Pricing and valuations are integral to all successful enterprises' lifecycles requiring professional opinions as to pricing or fair market value for financing, investments, transactions, and other business matters. [full details]

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition services for privately-owned and public TSX-V companies focus on strategies, deal sourcing, due diligence, and negotiations to complete transactions that accelerate earnings. [full details]

Business Brokerage and Negotiation

Business brokerage services assist buyers and sellers of private businesses from strategies, valuations, buy/ sell campaigns, prospect interviews, through to due diligence and closing business transactions. [full details]

Post-Transaction Services

Canadian Ventures Inc. provides post-transaction services that are designed to maximize and realize value in privately held portfolio companies to public market transactions with interim executive-level resources. [full details]

Special Situations Financing Deals Business Buyers and Sellers


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