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Canadian Ventures Inc. presents strategic investments to serial entrepreneurs, sophisticated investors, venture capital companies, and other funding groups seeking high-growth opportunities to invest in specific industry sectors. Our corporate finance professionals access investing opportunities in private business and publically-listed corporations uniquely positioned for growth and profitability.

Contact Canadian Ventures Inc. if your company is seeking financing, if a company you are advising in planning to raise funding, or if you are seeking investment opportunities in private companies and publicly-listed corporations.

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No Special Situations, Financing Deal, and/or Business Buyers & Sellers opportunity should be advanced nor completed by any interested party without having the opportunity to examine all aspects of the particular business opportunity. Verification of all business and financial related information should be subject to thorough due diligence by any interested party with their legal counsel and other advisors prior to and during their assessment of all "Special Situations," Financing Deals," and "Business Buyers & Sellers" listings on this site.

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