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Canadian Ventures Inc. focuses on structuring and securing private equity, venture capital, debt financings, and other strategic funds for private companies, public TSX-V corporations, and special situations.

Structuring and Capitalization

Structuring and capitalization calls for Canadian Ventures Inc.'s corporate and financial expertise to formulate share and capital structures that position stakeholders and investors for success. [full details]

Private Equity Funding

Private equity is vital for development and expansion stages of growth enterprises, where Canadian Ventures Inc. fulfils private placements, offering memorandum and public equity mandates. [full details]

Debt Financing

Debt financing serves to broaden capitalization, where Canadian Ventures Inc. brings senior banking and CFO expertise to secure commercial, operating, bridge, mezzanine and mortgage funds. [full details]

Special Situations

Special Situation services focus on opportunities that demand expertise to revive management, optimize capital, restructure financings, and execute transactions to rejuvenate earnings. [full details]

Special Situations Financing Deals Business Buyers and Sellers


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