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Canadian Ventures Inc. delivers the competitive intelligence, feasibility studies, and crucial business and financial planning necessary for business enterprises to succeed.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence services research competitive factors, industry trends, and market opportunities for growth plans, mergers and acquisitions, strategic divestures and special situations. [full details]

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies assess the viability of business initiatives for everything from start-up ventures and growth enterprises through to public capital pools and listed corporations. [full details]

Business and Financial Planning

Business and financial planning formulate growth and funding strategies as presented from executive summaries and proposals for financing purposes through to comprehensive business plans. [full details]

Advisory Boards and Director Services

Advisory board and director services deliver seasoned professionals to executive and management teams of private companies, conglomerates, and public TSX-V companies. [full details]

Special Situations Financing Deals Business Buyers and Sellers


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